Adjacent to the Sotolongo family house (now the Valencia hostel) is the former home of Don Pedro Regalado Pedroso y Pedroso, Prefect of the Carlos III Order. An interior hall links the two 18th century residences, done mainly in breathtaking hues of blues and greens. The walls hold many stories from the days when the lower floor served as an inn, a canteen, a cigarette shop and a little later as offices with living quarters above. La Casa del Comendador’s rooms are beautifully decorated in customary colonial style with an antique, solemn air. The picturesque earthenware vessels, hammered wood doors, furniture and stone floors make for a memorable experience. Abstaining from sensationalism, but being fair to the place’s historical secrets, a team of archeologists have unraveled some curious data after realizing excavations in one of its areas. The findings are in the tiny Hall of Archeology, and surely will inspire visitors to snoop around the Pedroso’s family life.