San Miguel

A stone’s throw from the water, and facing the fortresses that have always guarded the city, the San Miguel hostel is ideal for lovers of harmony, luxury and finely-decorated spaces. This sober, restrained antiquated palace is done in great detail, and profoundly different from other capital lodgings. Magnificent cast iron stairways, balconies with shining marble banisters, and rooms adorned with aged photos of those who once lived there. Antonio San Miguel y Segalá, a prominent Havana trader at the beginning of the 20th century was the palace’s former owner. He now functions as a posthuous host through the wonderful photos he’s left behind, inviting one to stroll through the “Gran Salón del Palacio,” or the lookout terrace, where it’s possible to appreciate the bay’s entrance. This hostel is good for those with automobiles because of its open access, free of Old Havana’s tiny streets.