These three combined señorial old homes add up to almost a millenium in years and will spellbind any visitor. The heavy wooden door’s magic will beckon you to pull it open, after which you’ll be awed by the black and white tiles, reminiscent of a huge chess board. The lobby is a living memory of the captivating anterooms in old colonial homes. A throwback to the engrossing salons of colonial mansions, it is the perfect place to sit under the intricate woodwork and feel the dance of gentle air currents leading to the restaurant. One can float onto the patio and hear the whisper of tropical leaves, experiencing a magical change in environment. The fresh pure air fills ones lungs, as if the Cuban countryside had stepped into the middle of the city. Last but not least are the rooms, spacious and decorated to please even the most stringent tastes. Whether alone, on a romantic tryst, or with the whole family, everyone will end up a believer in the curative powers of ancient Havana mansions.