Cuba is more than a tourist attraction; this fabulous, stunning and very varied country is a unique destination in the Caribbean Sea. Our Excursions & Sightseeing program will make you experience this beautiful island in all its facets: Impressive untouched areas and ecological parks, gorgeous beaches, coastal zones and rivers, lagoons and ponds, unique tobacco zones, hill and level trails for horseback trekking, submerged caves and caverns for diving, golf courses, museums, cabarets and restaurants with special dinners, musical shows, happiness and a lot of fun.

A little local knowledge goes a long way. It turns a good holiday into a truly memorable one. Liberty International Cuba endeavors to ensure that our excursions truly reveal the heartbeat of each place selected. They are the result of years of visiting the places and listening to our clients’ experiences. Just make your choice and enjoy an authentic experience with the people, the landscape, the culture and the environment of our beautiful island.

In addition to our excursions and sightseeing program, we also offer customized itineraries tailored to your own wishes.

Please, select the EXCURSIONS of your preference during your stay in Cuba. Or contact us to arrange one for you