Welcome to Cuba. Liberty International Cuba is glad to receive you and share with you the magic and beauty, the hospitality and joy of this beautiful island.

We believe greeting is the better way to start the splendid adventure we have tailored for you. That’s why Liberty International Cuba has design a high quality service to welcome our customers.

Arrival Welcome

  • As soon as the flight lands our drivers enter the airport terminal and await your arrival.
  • A glad executive of our agency will be ready to be your first personal contact in Cuba.
  • Our Friendly Staff will verify that everything is in order, and if there has been any problem with your luggage or something similar, we'll personally solve it.
  • Special luggage trucks for speedy room delivery.
  • Personalized welcome sign with your name.
  • Assistance with the transfer to the hotel selected for you.
  • Brochure with useful information about the country and some important advices.