One of the Caribbean’s most enchanting sailing areas, Cuba has it all—natural marvels, gorgeous weather and historical charm. Both the Atlantic and Caribbean sides of the island are sheltered by coral reefs, one of which is part of the world’s second-largest reef originating in South America. Through-water visibility is 30 to 40 meters, and the surface water temperature averages between 24°C and 29°C.

This conditions makes of Cuba an exceptionally place for practice scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, yachting and other water sports. Marinas such as “Chapelin”, “Dársena de Varadero” and “Puerto Sol” guarantee the perfect conditions and means to practice immersion, with appropriate vessels, trained personnel, and diving training centers.

Liberty International Cuba counts on a deeply knowledge of Cuba’s best Marinas and Scuba Diving sites and excellent strong relations with its personnel. We manage exclusive options and programs. Let us invite you to a journey that will make you discover this stunning paradise. Sail over waters that run from lightest green through turquoise and jade to deep cobalt far out. Explore an environment of fascinating coral formations, tunnels, steep walls covered with gorgonians and a wealth of multicolored marine life. Admire a scenic lagoon with a coral reef beyond and a splendid blue sea. Enjoy the speed dizziness driving your own Aqua ray towards an island, where flamingoes, parrots, crocodiles and some other species live in perfect harmony with nature.

This is the perfect occasion for you to treat yourself with one of our fantastic mini-cruises and boat excursions. Contact us!