Named for a bird the roseate ibis, or coco Cayo Coco together with its neighbor Cayo Guillermo are the most popular islands of the "Jardines del Rey archipelago" (King's Garden archipelago) located in the Ciego de Avila province's north part. Ernest Hemingway immortalized this marvelous site in his novel "Islands in the Stream". Made up by the most beautiful keys, islands and islets in the region “Jardines del Rey” were baptized by the Spanish in honor of the then monarch Fernando VII.

With one of the longest coralline barriers of the world, about 400 km long, the region is perfect for practicing a wide range of diving activities.

Cayo Coco boasts 21 kilometers of superlative beaches and limpid waters in stunning tones of blue and green. Covered by thickets of mangroves, palms and coconuts trees, the key homes the Cuba's largest flamingo colony. But flamingos are just one of the 158 bird species in Cayo Coco, including the miniature hummingbird, ibis, herons, Cuban Cuckoo, egrets, sea swallows, as well as migratory birds that flock here in vast number.

In addition to its splendid landscape Cayo Coco offers a wide variety of excellent resorts from the comfortable to the luxurious, artificial lakes, swimming pools, entertainment and services in an environment that has barely been altered by human action, guaranteeing an unforgettable stay.

  • yachting
  • beach sports
  • marine journeys
  • scuba diving
  • water sports
  • fishing
  • horseback riding
  • cycling

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