Located in the northern coast of the Villa Clara province the "Bahía de Buenavista", declared by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve, homes Cayo Ensenachos, a natural relic, and one of the most beautiful keys in the Cuban archipelago.

Cayo Ensenachos was an old indigenous settlement and has 1.7 kilometers of extension in form of a horseshoe. The diversity of its ecosystem is complemented with a rich flora and fauna, many of them endemic of Cuba, united to an idyllic landscape that any visitor would enjoy.

The key boasts fine pearly sands shelving into a scenic lagoon with a coral reef beyond and a splendid blue sea. In its 2 240 kilometer shores there can be found the best beaches of this gorgeous key: "Ensenachos" and "El Mégano".

This untouched paradise blessed with a particular touch of naive essential beauty and charm is the ideal place for nature lovers and it’s perfect for relaxation. This spot is indeed a great choice for people of all ages.

  • snorkeling and diving
  • beach sports 
  • bird watching
  • nautical sports
  • fishing
  • horseback riding
  • cycling

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