North of the Cuban eastern province of Ciego de Avila,in "Jardines del Rey archipelago" (King's Garden archipelago), "Cayo Guillermo" is one of province's smallest keys . With one of the longest coralline barriers of the world, about 400 km long, the region is perfect for practicing a wide range of diving activities.

This stunning paradise where beach, sun, and nature combine for the most spectacular experience, have been immortalized by the famous US novelist Ernest Hemingway in his novel "Islands in the Stream". The writer spent a great deal of time camping, fishing and boating on this key during World War II. He is remembered for his double daiquiris, his boat (the Pilar) and his fishing tales.

Cayo Guillermo stands out for having the highest dunes among all the Caribbean islands, which can reach up to 15 m high. Barely covering 18 square kilometers, the island is rich in plant species, including mahogany, mastic tree and coconut trees. Many colonies of flamingos and other migratory birds choose it to nest in winter, a condition that has been preserved while building a tourist infrastructure that respects the natural environment in the first place.

The key offers first-class hotels, artificial lakes, swimming pools, entertainment and services in an environment that has barely been altered by human action, guaranteeing an unforgettable stay.

Cayo Guillermo boasts, among its major attractions, five kilometers of beautiful beaches where visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities. But we suggest you to visit:

El Pilar beach: The beach honors the yacht of same name that belonged to Ernest Hemingway. El Pilar is considered one of the best beaches on the Cuban archipelago due to its wide sand strip and crystal-clear waters.

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