Travel for the first time into another country make us feel, almost always, a little bit anxious and insecure. Liberty Cuba guarantees you that your holiday is perfectly arrange with us. However, being well informed before you leave takes the worry out of travelling. In order to make you feel more comfortable we have compiled the specific useful information you must know about Cuba before you travel.


Cuba has a telephone network service that guarantees direct communication with any part of the world and also within its own territory. In the streets of major cities there are telephone kiosks where calls can be paid either in national currency or with prepaid cards purchased with convertible pesos (worth 10 and 20 CUC), also available in hotels, convention centers, ETECSA commercial offices and retail shops. Visitors who so wish can make a long distance call directly from the hotel.

Cell phones use a frequency band ranging from 850 and 900 mgz .To call Cuba from overseas dial the code for Cuba( 53) +the code for the city + the telephone number you wish to call. 

Internet access is available in most major hotels and tourist resorts. Furthermore, there are cybercafés in the major cities and tourist destinations. The connection is usually via modem (dial up) and not characterized by its speed