Travel for the first time into another country make us feel, almost always, a little bit anxious and insecure. Liberty Cuba guarantees you that your holiday is perfectly arrange with us. However, being well informed before you leave takes the worry out of travelling. In order to make you feel more comfortable we have compiled the specific useful information you must know about Cuba before you travel.

International Events

Each year Cuba is the venue of many internationally renowned events in all areas of knowledge; cultural, sports, science, sociopolitical, etc, such as:

  • The  Havana Ballet Festival,
  • Latin American Film Festival,
  • Theatre Festival,
  • Contemporary Dance Festival, etc. 

Professional, academic and scientific congresses in specialties such as:

  • Education,
  • Nephrology,
  • Environment,
  • The Havana International Trade Fair, etc.

For information regarding the timetable of events hosted in Cuba consult: