Are you a VIP passenger?
Liberty International Cuba offers you a First Class exclusive service at the airport. We make arrangements for our VIP travelers with the highest quality products and services.

To guarantee the personalized attention the VIP’s disserve we assign a member of our staff to take care every detail.

Flight Time Monitoring

Sometimes flight times can be disrupted. For this reason, we always check the flight time at regular intervals, so you won’t have to be worry if the flight is early or late, we will be there to welcome you.

VIP Reception at International Cuban Airports

A glad executive of our agency will be ready to be your first personal contact in Cuba. He will take you to a “VIP Lounge” where you will receive special treatment, have some drinks and snacks and receive the required preliminary information for your staying on Cuba. In the meantime a member of our Friendly Staff will be in charge of the airports procedures and formalities. Your luggage will be identified and brought to you within minutes.